Ashlyn Jackson is classified as a graphic designer, but explores the creative boundaries of graphic design through many different mediums. Her work dives into topics about gender, self, form and loves to challenge the patriarchy. She currently is the mother to one kitty fur baby. She loves when the risograph eats her paper and happy design accidents.

Chloe Looker is a graphic designer interested in how printed matter can connect people in unique ways. She’s inspired by the rich history of self publishing & public or collaborative art making, as well as the natural world. Her work encompasses publication, website & exhibition design, branding, collage, film photography & risograph printing. She enjoys using craft based techniques to create graphic languages with personality.  For fun, she loves birdwatching, spending time outside with her dog, Archie & taking photos of flowers & signage.

Rebecca Gardea is a graphic designer based in the Bay Area in California. She holds a MFA in Design from CCA. Her practice explores experience and emotion through print, digital, and video. Her recent video work entitled “_ stretch” received an honorable mention from the SF Design Week 2021 awards. This project sought to create an experience rather than document an experience, allowing participants to bring their own context to the work. Rebecca currently works as a freelance designer and design researcher.

Sarah Chieko Bonnickson is an inquisitive creative interested in questioning and blurring arbitrary boundaries between disciplines. Recently, she has been interested in performing practices of documentation from fields such as history, archeology, biology, and botany to explore the biases, expectations, assumptions that those fields bring to their respective views of the world. Her research-based practice builds upon a longstanding interest in reframing and recontextualizing common, everyday objects or subjects to disrupt hierarchies of value embedded in cultural norms. Sarah holds an MFA in Design from California College of the Arts, a BA in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, and draws from a wide range of ever-growing interests and experiences to develop ideas and create work.

Bay Area, California

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