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This workshop is a contemporary sewing circle.

Typically, when a quilt is made, there is a sewing circle present throughout the process. For this workshop, you may not be present with everyone that has contributed to the quilt tiles, but in the end, each tile will be sewn together to form one large piece that will exist in a single form.

Working with textiles should be a form of free expression and can be approached in many different ways. The beauty of textiles is that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to creating.

This workshop has taken many forms. The quilt is a physical form and product of the workshop itself. There is a digital zine to encompass all of the contributers to the making of the quilt. Finally, there is a riso print of the quilt and a card of each tile that highlights a quote from Saraleah Fordyce’s article about the workshop. 

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